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Eclipse Wound Cleanser

When investigating  wound sprays used in the animal market, you will find that most either do a good job of disinfecting the wound or they enhance healing.  #Eclipse #Wound #Cleanser is #scientifically #proven to do both.


#Eclipse combines the disinfecting properties of #Cetylpyridinium #Chloride, a known antibacterial agent. This compound is utilized in many products to kill bacteria, as it does in  human mouth rinse. Amazingly, because of the way it works, it does not kill new cellular growth. This means the wound can be #sanitized and accelerate healing on day one.

Combined with the disinfecting component, #Eclipse contains a very high grade and medical strength #Aloe #Vera. The #Aloe in #Eclipse gently coats and moisturizes the edges of the wound allowing it to stay viable and continue contracting across the wound bed.

In order for a wound to completely heal it must also have #collagen present. #Eclipse contains Vitamin C which is a precursor for #collagen and ensures a nice, healthy wound bed for enhanced, rapid healing.

When using #Eclipse products, the customer observes the wound to heal faster than when using other methods that include very caustic chemicals, but also kill the new good cells.  #Eclipse allows the wound to start healing immediately without fear of a secondary infection. This very safe product should be kept on hand in every #animal #first #aid #kit.  Eclipse is available online at, Amazon, and dealers near you.


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