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Eclipse Wound Healing Aid is safe for use on all animals:



Eclipse wound healing aid is a unique 21st. century product like no other. Eclipse #wound #healing #aid contains our proprietary ingredient, used by veterinarians to treat catastrophic wounds. In other words, this is true healing power for your  animals. In fact, Eclipse has not one but several well known healing aids that promote #quick #healing to those cuts, scratches and hot spots on the body of your animal. When applied to minor cuts or abrasions, Eclipse works with the animal’s own body to heal those wounds quickly. As animal owners we know all too well how common it is for your animals to get wounds, sores and skin abraisions of all types.

Eclipse™ is an Aloe Vera based emollient, and is an all-natural wound healing aid. With the added benefit of Vitamin “C” and Calcium, this is a quality product that can be kept on hand for those little emergencies that seem to happen. Always have a tube of Eclipse™ included in your #animal #first #aid #kit. Eclipse exceeds all standards of purity to assure the very best quality #raw #materials are used. NOTE: This product is NOT intended for use on wounds with exposed bone or tendon. As a general rule, if the wound is deep and large enough to need bandaging, consult your Veterinarian.
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